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What's your guarantee?

All products made by DBG are warranteed to be satisfactory to you for three years. If you are unhappy with your DBG manufactured bag, fanny pack or whatever, contact me at I'll take care of the problem. Period.

What are the fender bag straps for?

The straps serve two important purposes.

  • Compression - they tightly wrap the contents of your bag, keeping it rattle free. Your tools don't beat themselves to death.
  • Carrying extra gear - you can strap a light rain jacket on easily.
  • The Fastboy Fender Bag has an internal compression strap to keep the tools tight and the profile low.

How about ordering by phone?

Call 970-275-0462. If I can't answer the phone, leave your number (speak slowly please) and I'll get back to you that day.

Are you setup for Paypal?

Yes. All transactions are processed by Paypal (which is very efficient) and you can pay via Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover or your Paypal account.

Are the bags waterproof?

All DBG bags are coated on the inside but the seams and zippers aren't sealed and the waterproofing will eventually wear off. If you really need a truly waterproof bag, then you need to look in a different and more expensive direction. May I suggest looking at the Orlieb saddle bags or the Wolfman Rolie bags. Also, think twice about the issue of waterproofing. The only thing that you are likely to be carrying that really must be kept waterproof is a digital camera. Why not put it in its own case and carry that inside a Number Plate bag?